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The Chloe Collection, which has been specially designed by Rachael Clunie to raise money for 10 year old cancer sufferer Chloe Balloqui, is a fabulous mix of classic design and unexpected retro sass.

Each one-off piece is unique in itself, creating bold, engaging statements as well as embracing the elements of childhood memories within a couple of the pieces. Alongside the four specially designed pieces, Rachael has also donated one of her SS21 Collection pieces, 'Fel', a beautiful & distinctive hand formed sculptural piece boasting striking lineal curves.


As well as the chance to own one of these fun pieces Rachael is also offering 25% off any headpiece or commissioned piece to everyone who purchases a ticket. 

The mini collection is being raffled off, with tickets costing just £5 and all funds received from the collection will go to the Chloe Balloqui Fund to get her to Barcelona for treatment. 

Read more about Chloe here.

Raffle Tickets & Donations

There are two ways to 'Help Us Help Chloe':

Raffle Tickets
Raffle tickets are just £5 each each and offer the chance to win one of the five beautiful Rachael Clunie headpieces.


If you would prefer to support Chloe through donating to her fund instead of purchasing a raffle ticket then please choose this option.

To purchase your raffle ticket or make a donation please head over to our GalaBid campaign here

The Live Draw

The raffle ends at 7pm on Friday 6th August. There will  be a live draw via our social media platforms announcing the winners at 8pm on Friday 6th August! If you would like to join us then please head over to  Facebook. The lucky winners will also be informed by text. 

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Chloe's Story

Chloe was first diagnosed with stage 4 matastatic Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer that attacks the nervous system, at the age of 2 years and 8 months. She has spent many years having treatment including chemotherapy, stem cell transplant and radiotherapy at Great Ormond St and in March 2016 Chloe was classed as in 2nd full remission. Chloe and her family then travelled to New York’s MSKCC to take part in the Bivalent Vaccine Trial.

Chloe spent a year having treatment and her 7th and final vaccine took place on 30th May 2017. During treatment and 12 months prior Chloe’s scans and bone marrow were clear. Tragically, however, in February 2020, some 4 years later, after her routine ultrasounds, bloods and urines were clear, Chloe started to suffer with a headache on the left hand side of her head and all the worrying signs of lethargy, no appetite and pale complexion reappeared. Devastatingly Chloe has developed a malignant tumour behind her one of her eyes and whilst the doctor’s at GOSH are doing everything the can, sadly UK medicine can only give her palliative

care. With recent scan results showing that Chloe’s tumour has grown by15-20% it means that Chloe will no longer continue on the current chemotherapy treatment she is on. This is a huge setback. To give Chloe the chance of a third remission her best option is a combined antibody/chemotherapy treatment. This treatment, that is offered in Barcelona, comes at a costly price and for 8 cycles of treatment the family are looking at a cost of £273,000.


In the meantime you can learn more about Chloe's journey here.


You can also watch Chloe’s first year of treatment in 2015 in True Visions documentary on childhood cancer, Raining In My Heart which was televised on ITV here: