Cotton Reusable Masks

Cotton Reusable Masks


Each masks is made with a closely woven felt lining and a cotton front for extra protection. The mask also has a lightweight flat wire which sits across the bridge of the nose and around the chin to mould the mask to your own personal features for extra protection. The elastic holdings are situated to sit around the back of the head in two places, beneath the skull and further up the crown of the skull for comfort and security.


Each mask is washable (hand wash only and should be washed each time it is worn) and come with care & how to use instructions.


There are now 9 bold and bright fabric designs to chose from including 2 plains colours. Children’s masks are also available.

  • Care Instructions

    Instructions for wearing & washing your mask.
     It is most important that you understand the correct
     way to put on and take off your mask.

    1. Before putting the mask on, wash your hands thoroughly
       for at least 20 seconds. 
    2. Fit mask onto your face ensuring the top elastic
       sits above the top of your ears. Secure the bottom
       elastic to under the skull bone. 
    3. Do NOT touch your mask whilst wearing your mask.
    4. On removing mask ensure you again wash your hands for
       at least 20 seconds.
    5. DO NOT take off your mask as shown in the image above.
    6. Take your clean hands & slide them up under the elastic
       behind your ears. Ensure you only touch the elastic. Lift the
       elastic away from the head and then up and over your head
       with an outwards movement ensuring the mask is pulled away
       from the face.
    7. Hand Wash only. Place the mask in a bucket or bowl. Cover the mask with freshly boiled kettle water. Add a little Biological washing  powder/liquid and leave for a minimum of 30 minutes Do not touch water until cool enough.
    8. Wash your hands again thoroughly for 20 seconds or more.
    9. Ensure hands are washed thoroughly before removing mask from water.

    Lining: 100% Polyester Front: 100% Cotton Elastic: Elastic Cord
    Wire: Plastic Coated Copper

     These masks are not guaranteed to protect you from the Covid-19 virus. They are merely a tool give you some extra  protection whilst outside & a reminder not to touch your face.